“Please repair this priceless and trustworthy instrument for over twenty five years.

Thank you for making a great product that has been a life saver when all the new electronics go haywire.”

Hertford, NC

Thank you very much for sending me a new nameplate for my Globemaster compass. My compass is a rock-solid performer and is still going strong after 30 years-plus and a circumnavigation aboard my Shannon 38. Hats off to you and to Ritchie for your excellent customer service!

The FD-500 has been repaired and looks magnificent. The seriousness of your warranty is excellent and speaks volumes about Richie’s products and services.
Thank you very much


A short time ago I contacted your company inquiring about an instruction manual and adjustment tool that I needed for my compass. You responded to my email stating you were shipping these items to me. I received these shortly thereafter.

I wanted to thank you for your exceptional customer service and professionalism. You responded quickly to my inquiry and followed through with your commitment. Frankly I did not expect such a response.

If anyone wanted an example of how to build customer loyalty – this would be it.


I received my compass last week and everything looks great. Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it’s been doing business with your company and to ask that you convey my thanks to all involved.

Waterford MI

I have received and installed the lighting pieces that you sent me. Everything works perfectly!
I had a very nice service from you.


Ritchie, and you, are truly amazing in your willingness to work with a customer. I have been building this airplane for 17 years (said with a huge embarassed grin) and have encountered every kind of naysaying, backing off, refusal to discuss, discouragement and outright refusal to sell from companies,other than aircraft suppliers, whenever I have said something about putting a company’s product in an airplane. That Ritchie will not only sell me their product, with knowledge of its intended use, but will tell me how to disassemble it to make any modification I wish, says mountains about the kind of company it is and the type of people who work there. Ritchie clearly knows how to be the leader in their field because they aren’t fearful of innovation and aren’t afraid to stand behind their products whether used on earth, sea, or in the sky. I am clearly impressed and will heartily recommend to my fellow aviators that they consider Ritchie compasses for their pride and joy.

After viewing the drawings, I think the Explorer will work best for my application.

Thanks again,


I like dealing with companies that understand customer service. Thanks

Daytona Beach, FL

Thank you so much for the detailed response. I will be able to purchase the right device for my boat with no drama.



The compass arrived safe & sound yesterday. What a fantastic job your guys did. It looks like they actually replaced it with a new one, which was not what I was expecting at all. I have read glowing reviews of your service before, but was always a bit sceptical. Now I know what ‘real’ service means.

Thank you personally for your help & please pass on my gratitude to all involved once again….superb performance.

North Sydney, Australia

I wish to tell you how pleased I was with the work performed on my FN-201. It looks absolutely brand new and I complement Ritchie and it’s employees. You have “recruited” a salesman at large for your products. Again thanks for the help and service


What a pleasure you are to communicate with! Thank you so very much for the research into the model# and the instructions on removing/refiling the fluid. I will probable attempt this myself once, but if the leak continues I will be sure to return it to Richie for a well earned overhaul.
I am delighted with the customer support that Richie provides, and if I get to pass through Pembroke, Mass, on one of these fine warm days, I will like to take the opportunity to viist and thank you personally for your very professional service.


At the end of last week, I called Ritchie to ask if you could send me a couple of tiny flat head stainless steel screws to replace scxrews that were missing from the top of my Ritchie compass on my sailboat. I had not been able to find screws that small in any of the hardware stores around Bristol.

To my pleasant surprise, an envelope containing the screws I needed arrived on Saturday.

That’s what I call excellent customer service ……….. and I very much appreciate it.


First let me apolgize for not thanking you sooner for correcting my compass problem. I have been away from my home port for three weeks and just returned yesterday. I reinstalled the compass on my boat and to my surprise, I now can read it in the dark. I really want to thank you for the way you handled this problem, and if you want, I would be glad to send a letter of thanks to your boss, in your name, thanking you for your speedy resolution and professional handling of the night vision problem. I will tell all my fishing buddies how good the Ritchie Organization treated me, and will advise them that the only compass to buy is a, “RITCHIE”.

Broad Channel, NY