As we’ve remained at the forefront of compass technology for almost 170 years, Ritchie Navigation has continued to set new construction standards to ensure the accuracy, durability, utility and quality of our compasses. Here’s a look at key Ritchie components and innovations that continue to serve  our customers well — in all kinds of applications, climates and operating conditions.

NiteVu Night Lighting Systems

A Ritchie exclusive available on most compass models. Provides optimum illumination of the dial and lubber lines without hindering crucial night vision. 12-volt operation is standard. Other voltages are available via special order.

Compass Dome

Allows the compass dial to rotate smoothly through heel, pitch and yaw motion, while providing clear and accurate magnification. Made exclusively for Ritchie, our domes use a heavy-duty optically clear polymer formulated to prevent sun crazing, and to provide superior stability across extreme temperature ranges.

Bezels & O-Rings

Sealing the entire compass assembly is critical to prevent fluid leakage. The Ritchie O-Ring is a custom blend compound that is non-reactive with dampening fluid. Bezels are formed from high strength plastics, aluminum or machined bronze.

Gimbal Systems

All Ritchie compasses are engineered to operate normally without bottoming out due to pitch and roll. Our internal gimbals cradle the dial assembly within an axis system that bisects the compass bowl. These ultra lightweight aluminum gimbals and pans are held in place with spring-loaded brass pins. A brass counterbalance keeps the entire system level.

Compass Bowls & Housings

Bowls and housings provide maximum protection and support for the internal compass components. Ritchie bowls/housing are made from brass or high-strength glass reinforced polymers.

Corrector Magnets

All Ritchie compasses designed for boats that are prone to deviation issues are equipped with built-in compensators. These non-interactive magnets, which come with operating instructions, are balanced and optimally spaced for accurate correction.

Fluid Baffle & Roller Diaphragm

A key component that enhances the steady performance of Ritchie compasses. Baffles reduce turbulence in the dampening fluid. Diaphragms allow the fluid to expand or contract with changes in temperature or pressure, without forming bubbles.