Ritchie Navigation builds the finest quality compasses on the water and around the world. Our compasses have been the choice of boat builders since 1850. While boats have become safer, one thing still remains unchanged…the water is an unforgiving element. True mariners understand there is no substitute for a proper compass. While, technology has crept into all aspects of our life, providing us with with connection to information our forefathers on the water only dreamed about, there is no “technology” that can replace the need for a proper magnetic compass on a boat. Access to real time heading information cannot be achieved through technology. Loss of power, poor weather, limited viability, solar flares, electrical shorts and human error can adversely affect the information technology is providing. A boat outfitted with a proper compass can mean the difference between making it back home or not making it back at all. When you need real time information there is nothing more reliable than a Ritchie compass on board your boat.

Ritchie understands that selecting a proper compass which compliments your boat is the first step in creating a great boating experience for your customers.  Precision built of high quality components and materials, Ritchie compasses will be the first thing your customers see at the helm and the last component they will have to worry about.  Our industry leading 5 year no hassle warranty highlights our commitment to quality. We offer the the best product support in the industry. Supported by a global network of service stations and distribution partners, Ritchie is able to provide world class customer experience where ever it is needed. Ritchie’s experienced sales team can help you select the right compass for your vessel no matter where on globe it will be.

If you are building a boat and are looking for the right compass contact our sales team at: [email protected] or call us. (781) 826-5131

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