Become a Better and Safer Boater with Ritchie Navigation

A Practical Course Created by Boaters for Boaters!

Time on the water with friends and family brings us together and creates lasting memories, however, seas and lakes can be unforgiving places. And if you don’t know what to do, you could risk the lives of the people you care about. That’s why we at Ritchie Navigation created Ready to Boat, an online course dedicated to providing boaters of all experience levels with practical boating safety and awareness skills. Ready to Boat will give you the practical knowledge needed to enjoy your time on the water and to feel safe.

Ready to Boat is designed to shine a light on all aspects of the boating experience as well as prepare boaters to deal with all of the unexpected situations that can occur. Ultimately, it’s about confidence through preparedness to create better experiences on the water.

You’ll walk away from the completed course with an enhanced awareness of boating safety and navigation basics so that you have the proper materials on board, the right plans in place, and an ability to respond to emergency situations if they happen.

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Ritchie Navigation and AIM Marine Group have partnered to offer you Ready to Boat and Boaters University. Visit Boaters University to access Ready to Boat and more.