Globemaster 6″ Binnacle with Steel Boat Quandrantal Correctors & Hood (D-6-S);

  • PowerDamp Flat cards available in 5 degree, or 2 degree with points
  • Chromed Brass, Polished Brass or Black Wrinkle Finish
  • 90 Degree Lubberlines
  • Easily Installed. Click to view the mounting template (NOTE: Adobe versions may differ; download and print the template to actual size).
  • Choice of Green or Red lighting in 12, 24, or 32 Volts
  • Full Internal Gimbals
  • Built-in Compensators
  • 100% Repairable
  • Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty

When ordering specify Finish, Card Style and Night Light Color/Voltage (12, 24, or 32 volt).

Replacement Lighting:

Low Level Lighting:Powerlighting:
CS-0002 KIT (12V Green)SH-0176 XSP (12V Green)
CS-0003 KIT (12V Red)SH-0174 XSP (12V Red)
GM-0091 XSP (24V Green)GM-0093 XSP (24V Green)
SH-0180 XSP (24V Red)GM-0096 XSP (24V Red)