Shipping Procedures

The following procedure is required when sending a product to the factory.

1. Examine the product to make sure that all necessary structural parts are sent with the unit. (Sometimes mounting bezels are left behind on the boat when people don’t realize that they are part of the compass.)

2. If the compass is leaking, drain and wrap the compass so that any leaking fluid does not destroy the shipping box.

3. Select a shipping carton that will stand up to normal shipping abuse.

4. We recommend packing 3 to 4 inches of padding around the compass to prevent damage.

5. If you are returning a product for repair, please be sure that a legible note is included with the following information:

a. Your name

b. Address where you would like the unit returned.

c. Description of what you would like done.

d. If you are returning a product for warranty repair, please specify the purchase date.

6. If you are returning a new product for refund that was purchased from Ritchie directly, include a copy of your Invoice.

7. Ship to the following address. Be sure to keep your shipping tracking number.
E.S. Ritchie & Sons Inc.
Service Department
243 Oak St.
P.O. Box 548
Pembroke, MA 02359 USA